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June 22, 2024

George News Substack author

Attention Trump supporters! We have a critical situation at the RNC.

1. LaCivita, has been hiring vocal anti-Trumpers into key roles for the president's re-election. This includes Charlie Spies, an election fraud denier, as RNC Chief Counsel overseeing election integrity. Spies has since been fired (twice) by the President, but the damage may already be done.

2. Despite Spies' termination, there is still no election integrity program at the RNC. The Chief Counsel role remains vacant, and Spies has been put on contract. We need a true Trump loyalist like Paul Dans, Stuart McCommas, Bill McGinley, or Jesse Binnall in this critical position.

3. LaCivita is creating a false image of Trump loyalty. He leaked a fake story to the Washington Post about a "Bloodbath at the RNC," which was entirely fictitious. In reality, only a few people were fired, and anti-Trumpers were brought in to replace them. Don't be fooled by this deception!

4. Instead of focusing on the campaign, LaCivita is spending more time sniping at Trump loyalists and leaking private conversations to the Washington Post. This behavior is unacceptable and undermines our efforts to re-elect President Trump.

5. The RNC, under LaCivita, is hiring inexperienced individuals in their twenties to run election integrity in key battleground states, while skipping over seasoned Trump loyalists from 2016. We need proven patriots in these roles, not greenhorns!

6. During LaCivita's appearance on Mitch McConnell's Ruthless podcast, he praised Never Trump architect Jon Lerner and former Pence COS Marc Short, who testified against President Trump during the January 6th committee hearings. Short was even banned from the White House by Trump himself.

7. LaCivita has a long history of working closely with Mitch McConnell's former Chief of Staff and current Chief Strategist, Josh Holmes, and RFK's current strategist, Doug Stafford. This raises speculation about an inside job to prevent Trump from reaching 270 electoral votes.

8. LaCivita's team is choosing anti-Trump delegate slates. Dominion's lobbyist John Garst was put on the "Trump Team" delegate slate and officially listed on the Trump website. Having loyal delegates is crucial to securing the nomination and avoiding subterfuge.

9. LaCivita has redirected significant campaign funds (more than $4 million) to his own companies without transparency. He appears more interested in making money than providing Trump with sound advice and ensuring he gets back into the White House.

10. LaCivita has overseen terrible endorsements, pushing Trump to endorse anti-Trump candidates aligned with McConnell, likely at the influence of his friend network. He is presumably getting kickbacks from McConnell on endorsements.

11. LaCivita has represented clients who voted for impeachment and supported the January 6th committee, including Anthony Gonzalez, despite being challenged by Trump-endorsed candidate Max Miller at the time.

12. LaCivita worked with Karl Rove as a consultant for George P. Bush and actively trashed Ken Paxton. It's suspected that LaCivita was helping to quarterback the Paxton impeachment.

13. LaCivita is actively putting out hit pieces on the few Trump loyalists in the inner circle. We must stand together and fight back against these attacks on our true allies!

It's time to take action! We need to pressure the RNC to replace LaCivita with a true Trump loyalist who will fight for our president and our values. Share this, contact your representatives, and make your voice heard! Together, we can ensure a Trump victory in 2024!

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