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Well guys I’m locked out of Twitter even after all the other Blue Checkmarks seem to be back in so I decided to launch my profile early and free. Check it out and I look forward to seeing you here often.

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13 hours ago

George News Substack author

Attention Trump supporters! We have a critical situation at the RNC.

1. LaCivita, has been hiring vocal anti-Trumpers into key roles for the president's re-election. This includes Charlie Spies, an election fraud denier, as RNC Chief Counsel overseeing election integrity. Spies has since been fired (twice) by the President, but the damage may already be done.

2. Despite Spies' termination, there is still no election integrity program at the RNC. The Chief Counsel role remains vacant, and Spies has been put on contract. We need a true Trump loyalist like Paul Dans, Stuart McCommas, Bill McGinley, or Jesse Binnall in this critical position.

3. LaCivita is creating a false image of Trump loyalty. He leaked a fake story to the Washington Post about a "Bloodbath at the RNC," which was entirely fictitious. In reality, only a few people were fired, and anti-Trumpers were brought in to replace them. Don't be fooled by this deception!

4. Instead of focusing on the campaign, ...

This should make you feel comfortable
The Pentagon recently signaled to a U.S. senator that it could not publicly reveal if or how it was buying access to Americans’ car, phone, and online metadata, only that, whatever it was doing, it was not violating the 4th amendment and also definitely didn’t need a warrant to do it.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) has been trying to get to the bottom of how and why the Department of Defense procures data through the private sector. Wyden became interested in the issue after multiple media reports showed that agencies like the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Special Forces, and, comfortingly, an agency in charge of drone strikes, have all been turning to the private sector to purchase data from ordinary apps. In January, the Defense Intelligence Agency admitted to buying access to the location data of phones based in the U.S.

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